October 08, 2016

How To Reshape Your Labia – Must Know Information

Do you want to reshape your labia? Then you need to know the real meaning of labiaplasty; it is simply a plastic surgery process that aids in altering the inner and outer labia surrounding the human vulva.


Why do women reshape their labia?

One of the things we are going to look at in this article is finding the reason why do some women reshape their sexual organs. The main reason had been to shorten or tidy up their vulva.

It depends solely on you to tidy up either the inner or outer lips, whichever one you want the surgeon will do it in a perfect manner. Most people in the Western world love to reshape their vulva, especially those in Australia.

According to the available statistics, National Health Service conducted over 2000 labiaplasty operations, this is five times more than the number in 2008.

When people search for labiaplasty Melbourne, they quickly discover that we are not talking of a ‘designer’ vagina. Most people erroneously think that vagina is the external genital of a woman. This is absolutely wrong. You can’t really see it from the outside.

But you can see the vulva, and this is what a lot of people want to alter for so many reasons. Most women are really uncomfortable due to the appearance of their labia. Some complain that it is long, short, irregular or simply ugly. The argument had continued until recently when doctors have started to operate women who want to reshape their labia. Though this can be done privately.

The estimated cost of labiaplasty

The price varies from one surgeon to another. Some surgeons in Australia may charge around $5,200 to $10,500 just to conduct one labiaplasty operation. However, you are encouraged to think very well before you spend such money. To get an accurate cost estimate, only speak to the best cosmetic surgery Melbourne clinics.


Cosmetic-Procedures-FacialPatients are sternly warned to be careful on the person they contract to do the labiaplasty operations. It is very necessary you visit a highly qualified surgeon; visiting a rogue surgeon would have a devastating effect. If you visit an amateur surgeon, he/she will mutilate your female genital organs while pretending that they are conducting labiaplasty.

Why some women are passionate about reshaping their labia

After an exhaustive research, we have discovered that most women are unhappy with their vulvas basically for two reasons:

  • First, the influence of pornography- the age of rapid information technological breakthroughs came with a lot of innovations in our sexual lives. Since the end of the 20th century till date, many women keep seeing pictures of other female genitals in the internet. The practice of seeing other images of the vulva were seen as a sin against nature or obsolete.

Such attitude has changed with the passage of time. Photos and images of the labia are all over the internet world. All these images are visible online, in magazines, newspapers and sometimes in women-related publications.

  • Secondly, shaving and waxing- many women are deeply concerned about their vulvas; this is why some of them have opted for removal of their public or part of their hair. Laser hair removal, shaving and waxing have been common in recent years. Though, this doesn’t have any harmful effect on the body.

But some women are unhappy with it since it would make their labia to be much more visible both to them and their partners.